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Nulok Slate Roofing Systems
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10 reasons why a Nu-Lok roof is the right choice


Better Value

Nu-Lok ceramic tiles start at $148.00 (+GST) sqm installed or $95.00 (+GST) sqm supply only. Natural Slate $175.00 (+GST) sqm installed or $109.00 (+GST) sqm supply only ...


Integrated Solar Inserts

The unique Nu-Lok solar inserts integrate into, rather than onto the roof, making the installation invisible from the ...


Fast Installation

Nu-Lok uses less tiles per square metre and can be walked on immediately after installation, without tiles cracking under the ...


50 Year Warranty

Only Nu-Lok offers a 50 year warranty on your roof, which is a great feature to share with your insurance company and may ...



The Nu-Lok roofing system is lighter than wood based alternatives at only 27kg per sq metre and uses less tiles to complete the roof ...



The Nu-Lok roofing system uses zincalume steel battens and channels rather than the old wooden batten system. Nu-Lok battens, ...



The unique tile clips used in the Nu-Lok roofing system mean that the tiles are more secure than when nails are used. There is little chance ...


Low Pitch

The Nu-Lok roofing system can be installed at a pitch as low as 5 degrees to vertical if required ...


Simple to Repair

Should a severe weather or unforeseen incident rupture the roof tiles, your Nu-Lok roof can be repaired easily and quickly ...


No Wastage

No nails are used in the installation of tiles on to the battens of the Nu-Lok roofing system which eliminates the main cause of ...