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10 reasons why a nu-lok slate roof is the right choice


Costs Less

Nu-Lok Ceramic Tiles start at $128.00 (+GST) sqm installed or $75.00 (+GST) sqm supply only. Natural Slate $145.00 (+GST) sqm installed or $89.00 (+GST) sqm supply only ...



The Nu-Lok roofing system uses zincalume steel battens and channels rather than the old wooden batten system. Nu-Lok battens, ...



The Nu-Lok roofing system is lighter than wood based alternatives at only 27kg per sq metre and uses less tiles to complete the roof ...



The unique tile clips used in the Nu-Lok roofing system mean that the tiles are more secure than when nails are used. There is little chance ...


Infestation Resistant

Because the Nu-Lok system is made from steel not wood the possibility for white ant infestation or other wood related problems are ...


Integrated Solar Panels

Nu-Lok is the only roofing system with Nu-Solar tiles that integrate alongside the tiles making the installation invisible from the ...


Fast Installation

Nu-Lok requires less tiles per square metre covered and can be walked on immediately after installation, without tiles cracking under the ...


No Wastage

No nails are used in the installation of tiles on to the battens of the Nu-Lok roofing system which eliminates the main cause of ...


Simple to Repair

Should a severe weather or unforeseen incident rupture the roof tiles, your Nu-Lok roof can be repaired easily and quickly ...


50 Year Warranty

Only Nu-Lok offers a 50 year warranty on your roof, which is a great feature to share with your insurance company and may ...

Natural Roof Slate

Nu-Lok Natural Roofing Slate

Our full range of natural slate roofs are installed into the award winning Nu-Lok fixing system, designed here in Australia, our system has revolutionised the way slate is installed on roofs all over the world. Due to the unique fixing system, slate no longer needs to be double lapped or nailed.

Ceramic Slate Roof Tiles

Nu-Lok Ceramic Roofing Tiles

Installing the Nu-Lok Ceramic tile range will ensure that the clean, sharp lines of your roof are accentuated. Our ceramic tiles are both sharp and robust with a material base that is harder than other tile compounds, it also does not retain heat or cold.

Solar Roof Panels

Nu-Lok Seamless Solar Roofs

Whereas previously solar energy panels were fixed on top of the roof, our seamless solar inserts actually become part of the roof and sit neatly in with the surrounding ceramic or natural slates, becoming a part of the the contour lines of the roof rather than destroying them.

Commercial Projects

Nu-Lok Commercial Projects

The unique Nu-Lok Roofing System has the perfect application for commercial building projects. The high level of flexibility and sustainability allowed by the patented fixing system and the benefits of the flush solar panel system has delivered the ideal solution to many projects.


We couldn't believe how easy it was to install solar panels into our Nu-Lok roof. The panels fit like a glove and look stunning.. we are impressed

Killara House Owner

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